What you should know before you start creating websites

With all major economies moving towards digitization, it is only understandable that there will be a constant demand for creative designers and genius developers who can think out of the box and present unique websites.

Just like to become a professional painter, you should know about the various types of colours and brushes; to be a musician, to should know about the musical notes and instruments and to become a doctor, you ought to know the human body, Similarly to be a Professional Web Developer or Designer, you should know some important elements and their importance in the field of website.

Without further ado, we are going to share with you the complete A to Z list of all the major elements that you will have to keep in mind every time you create websites professionally. And not just any websites, but the best ones.

So let’s begin.



Adobe Photoshop is a software that allows web designers like you to create or edit images for web pages. these changes can be about as the colour, brightness or contrasts,  to reduce noise or add effects.


Adobe Illustrator is a computer software which allows you to create graphics that can be resized to any length or breadth without the worry of the images getting pixelated.




While coding a website, it is very crucial to remember that the visitor on the website may be viewing it from a any browser. Therefore, the website must be compatible with maximum browsers such as GOOGLE CHROME, FIREFOX, SAFARI, OPERA,  to name a few.


Bootstrap is a set of shortcodes that you can use to add a feature to your website. It saves your time and the best part is that you can use these codes for free.




One of the most important elements in a website is the content, because, at the end of the day, all website are made to talk about their product/ service or the company. Though the content is written by a content writer, it is useful while designing the layouts. Where and how much content should be in the design to give it a neat clean appeal is crucial so that a perfect balance between information and graphics.


One of the latest trends that are picking up right now is the use of cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are eye-catchy still photographs that have slight movement in a section. Cinemagraphs make the layout look interesting and have the ability to keep the visitors hooked long enough to start reading the information on the pages.





To create a website, the first and foremost necessity is to buy a domain. Domain names are like your names, so just like your name is unique, so should be the name of your business so that visitors can easily search you on the internet.




This is one of the hot favourite types of website that you will get the opportunity to create. E-commerce websites are sites where customers can buy and sell products online in the comfort of their homes.




When you start designing a web page, the first thing you will require to design is the framework of the page. The framework is like a rough sketch which indicated, on a webpage which component will be placed where. Based on this sketch, the final layout will be created as it will you get an idea of how much space is required.




When you will design the layout for the website of your clients, it will not be restricted to just words but will also include graphics like charts, logo, images, symbols etc.This art of arranging text and graphics in a harmonious way is a branch of graphic designing.




HTML is the markup language often used for coding websites and applications.




By adding interactive features to the websites, you will ensure that the customers feel comfortable on the websites and are encouraged to interact by like-minded people by either subscribing to a newsletter or leaving a comment on the articles.




JQuery, another programming language, is a JavaScript library. It is easier to learn and requires fewer lines of codes for the developer thus saving time.




Kerning is the spacing between two letter. While arranging the content on the web page, the characters should be at a safe distance from each other because if you put them too close, it will be hard to read and at the same time if there is too much gap between letters, they may appear to be separate words. This will cause inconvenience to the viewer and they may drop the idea of reading it.




The layout is the final look of the web page that you will create in the form PNG and later add codes to it so that from a simple PNG image, it turns into a dynamic web page.




Multimedia files can be added to the web page. It looks attractive and you can say many things in one file. A picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of putting the picture, simply add a picture. You can add a video or an image. Its use should be minimal to avoid long loading time.




The Navigation menu is a key segment to be kept in mind while designing a website. It should be simple and be the compass for your visitors or they will never be able to find anything past the homepage.




While you will be the creator of the website, it is very important that while designing the website, you take into consideration the requirement of those for whom who are making the websites because the website should fulfil the purpose of generating leads and revenue.




PHP is a scripting language that helps people make web pages more interactive by allowing them to do more things.




With cut-throat competition, it is very important that you maintain the highest degree of quality because, in the end, nothing but the best is acceptable. It is in the best interest that you perform quality check regularly to avoid any mediocrity.




As the number of viewers viewing a website on their smartphones surpassed the number of views on the desktop, it is compulsory that you should be able to design a website that ‘responses’ to the size of the screen and adjusts gradually.




While designing websites for clients, it is mandatory to keep in mind that these designs should be SEO compatible, i.e, the loading speed should be fast, the design should not be copied from anywhere, etc.


While developing a website, you must be very careful that the website cannot be hacked easily especially if it is an ecommerce website or a financial website like that of a bank or an insurance agency.




The text style and size are the key turners on the website. While the content is the content writer’s child, how this child is shown to the world is the responsibility of the designers. Select a font too small and the viewers won’t be able to see it and at the same time selecting a size too big will be chaotic as it will require constant scrolling of the page adding to unwanted length.




UI Design, also known as User Interface design refers to the designing the website in a way that it is easier for the user to understand the product or service. There should be a perfect balance between the quality of the information on the web page and the look of it.




While designing a website, you may use images based on pixels. Though they are perfect, yet sometimes Vector images prove to be a better alternative. These vector images use lines and shapes. So that when you resize the images, they don’t get pixelated.




Though it is often ignored by viewers, Whitespace is a very important element while designing a website. as the name suggests, Whitespace is the blank area on the web page between two components.  It acts as a breathing space for the eyes and makes the designing look neat and tidy.


X & Y:


Remember the x-axis and the y-axis in graphs in geometry you studied in school. Well, it is useful while you design websites. Use these to form a grid that acts as a structure for your design and fill each box.




The advantages of zip folders come handy when you have to share various folders with your team members or clients. A zip folder compresses multiple files making it easy to share in a systematic manner and all at once.

With a strong understanding of all the elements of Web Development and Designing combined with the latest trends that are ruling the industry, you will be able to create amazing websites. Each time. Every time.

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